It’s Launch Day!

A year ago Paladin was proudly announcing a new game release. Well, it’s April and here we are  bringing out the cake again!

I could not be prouder and more happy to tell the world about our newest launch: 

Cut the Rope Remastered is out today on #AppleArcade:

This labor of love created by our awesome team is a true gem, and I can not wait to hear what you think about it. Playing with Om Nom on a big screen with AppleTV is such a different experience, it feels like a true console game, but of course it’s fun on any iOS device and Mac as well.

I like to wholeheartedly thank everyone involved in creating the game here at #paladinstudios. I am so proud of what you guys made, in record time and stellar quality, and under the most challenging circumstances. 

Smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic, the team was able to start and finish a new project, working fully remote. This also was our most ‘global’ project yet, with team members spanning the globe from Europe to South America and India.

Big thanks go to our partner Zeptolab, which has been such a joy to work with, met us with an unprecedented amount of trust, and let us play with their beloved brand Om Nom.

And massive thanks to the Apple Arcade team who helped us realize this project, and the valuable input and guidance along the way.

This has been a real dream project in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see what the players say.

If you are interested in working with us on your brand, or want to know what we do developing original IP, let’s talk! We are currently evaluating our next project(s) and are happy to discuss what you are looking for.

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